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Frequently Asked Questions

What Happens After Accepting the Offer?

We will send the agreement to our title agent and they are going to handle the title search and then prepare the closing documents to show what you will receive on the closing day

What Should I Expect at Closing?

Once we reach the closing day, our title company will send you a closing document to show you the exact number you will receive. As soon as you approve, the funds will be wired to you, or you can choose to have a check sent to you instead.

What Is the Title Search?

The title search is the process where the title company does research to see the exact amount owed on a property in total.

Does The Home Need to Be Repaired?

We buy houses in any condition, completely as-is. You don’t have to put any more money, effort and energy into this property, just leave all the hard work to us.

How Do We Decide Which Areas to Invest Into?

The areas have to fit specific requirements before we can invest in them, such as having a family-friendly environment. 

How Soon Can We Close?

Typically we close as quickly as 2 – 3 weeks, if not sooner. The exact timeframe depends on how many other transactions the title company is taking care of.

How Much Are Closing Cost?

We are willing to pay for all of the title fees, as well as for any other costs of closing.

How Do We Guarantee The Offer?

If you receive any offer from us, you can rest assured that is is 100% guaranteed to close. If we ever make any offer, we always place an Earnest Money Deposit 

Where Are We Buying Properties?

We purchase properties throughout the entire state of Florida, in certain areas we are interested in investing in.

Will the Support Staff Answer Questions Anytime?

Our support staff are able and willing to answer all your questions anytime during our business hours of Monday through Saturday 12 pm – 8 pm EST. Whether or not we have already closed or are about to close, they are always available to give you the help that you need.

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